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“Ua D’Oro” Dorona Wine

A Revival of Venice’s Historic Dorona Grape at Isola delle Vignole

“Ua D’Oro” Dorona Wine

A Revival of Venice’s Historic Dorona Grape at Isola delle Vignole

Explore the Unique Qualities of “Ua D’Oro” Dorona at Azienda Agricola Biniola

At the heart of Venice’s lush Isola delle Vignole, Azienda Agricola Biniola embodies the resurgence of the historic Dorona grape, a beloved vine of the Venetian Doges, known as “the gold of the Doges” for its golden-hued grapes. Founded in 2022 by a group of visionary entrepreneurs—Antonio Vianello, Carlo Zangrando, Roberto Boem, Francesco Ghisini, and Marco Perco—the winery is a showcase of dedication to traditional Venetian viticulture paired with modern organic practices.

The Team Driving Revival

Each founder brings unique expertise to the vineyard. Antonio Vianello, with his deep-rooted understanding of Venice’s cultural landscape; Carlo Zangrando, whose knowledge in sustainable agricultural practices ensures the winery remains environmentally conscious; Roberto Boem and Francesco Ghisini, who contribute their business acumen to navigate the complex world of wine production and distribution; and Marco Perco, a seasoned vintner from Azienda Roncus in Collio Goriziano, whose winemaking skills are indispensable in crafting the signature Dorona wine.

The Island and Its Historical Context

Isola delle Vignole, a tranquil retreat once favored by the nobility of Altino, has been renowned for its agricultural prowess since Roman times. This island, marked by its strategic significance and lush gardens, has been integral to Venice’s culinary and cultural history. Today, it remains sparsely populated, with its few residents maintaining a strong connection to the land, continuing to provide Venice with fresh produce and, more recently, distinguished wines.

Historically, the very name of Isola delle Vignole attests to the extensive cultivation of grapevines since ancient times. Long-neglected vine shoots have been restored in recent years through the efforts of Venetian volunteers dedicated to preserving old strains of golden verduzzo and prosecco. These volunteers have also replaced dead plants with new vines of Dorona, Bianchetta, and Malvasia.

The lagoon of Venice, particularly Isola delle Vignole, has a deep connection to these grape varieties, highly esteemed by the Doges since the 15th century and referred to as “the gold of the Doges” due to the taste and golden color of its grapes. This variety was almost lost during the 1966 flood, when water submerged the lower lands for days, destroying nearly all of Venice’s vineyards. The few vines that survived, thanks to their natural resistance to brackish water, have enabled the recent revival of this cherished vine.

Reviving the Dorona Grape

Central to Biniola’s mission is the revival of the Dorona grape, an indigenous varietal of the Venice Lagoon, once lost and now rediscovered. This effort to cultivate Dorona reflects a broader goal to preserve and promote Venetian viticultural heritage. The vineyard spans 1.6 hectares, encircled by saltwater canals and interspersed with artichoke fields and vegetable gardens, providing a biodiverse environment conducive to organic farming.

Viticulture and Harvesting

The vines are managed using a simple curtain training system with rows spaced 2.5 meters apart, allowing for optimal sun exposure and air circulation. This setup, coupled with the salty mist from the lagoon, imparts a unique mineral quality to the grapes. Harvesting takes place in mid-September, conducted manually to ensure that only the best grapes are selected. The grapes are then transported via water to Treporti, emphasizing the winery’s commitment to traditional and sustainable practices.

Winemaking Process

Following harvest, the winemaking process involves a seven-month maturation in concrete vats, a method chosen to preserve the integrity and distinct flavor profile of the Dorona grape. This phase is crucial as it allows the wine to develop its characteristic fruity and mineral notes without the influence of wood. The wine is then bottled without sterile filtration to maintain its authentic flavor and texture.

The Wine

"UA D'Oro" Dorona Wine bottle with the Baloon glasses filled by its golden wine, on the wooden counter of Vineria all'Amarone with the tables and people seating in the background

“Ua D’Oro,” aptly named after the golden hues of the Dorona grape, exhibits a light body with pronounced fruity and mineral notes, a direct reflection of the terroir of Isola delle Vignole. The deep roots of the vines in the saline soil create a distinctive flavor profile that encapsulates the essence of the lagoon in each bottle.

Culinary Contributions

Further enriching the island’s gastronomic scene, Emilio Trame crafts artisanal bread using the yeast from “Ua D’Oro” wine. This bread is not only a delicious accompaniment to the wine but also a celebration of the island’s agricultural productivity and the synergistic relationship between the vineyards and local food artisans.

Dorona Grape Bunches for the "UA D'Oro" Dorona Wine from Isola delle Vignole.
Dorona Grape being harvested
Dorona Grape Bunches for the "UA D'Oro" Dorona Wine from Isola delle Vignole.

Experience and Enjoyment

Every sip of “Ua D’Oro” is an invitation to experience the rich history and vibrant present of Venetian winemaking. The wine is not only a sensory delight but also a connector to the traditions and innovations that Azienda Agricola Biniola champions. It represents the harmonious blend of nature and history, encapsulated in a bottle, ready to be shared with wine enthusiasts around the world who appreciate the depth and legacy of Venetian viticulture.

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